Winners for the Holiday Light Contest

  • »  1st place 43106 Avon
  • »  2nd place 42682 Somerset
  • »  3rd place 42461 Hanford

Winners this year will receive a yard sign to display

2013 Holiday Light Contest Winners

  • »  1st 6015 Wedgewood
  • »  2nd 42411 Somerset Ct
  • »  3rd 5662 Willow Creek

Winners were award Lowe's Gift Cards

Notice to all Willow Homes Association Members

  • May 2013- The minimum requirement of 60% of the resident responding to the Ford Rd Special Assessment was not met at the Annual Meeting on May 6th. Therefore accordingly to the By-Laws another meeting must be scheduled within 60 days and now only 30% is required to respond.  Notice of this new meeting will be mailed out to all residents soon with a 30 days notice of the meeting date, time and location.  Proxies by mail will again be accepted or you may drop off your vote at any Board Members home, who's address can be found in your annual directory.
  • The annual dues statements have been mailed out already, however the Special Assessment for 2013 has been canceled.
  • Please pay the amount on your statement less the $60.00 Special Assessment.
  • The Road Repair will be discussed at the Annual Meeting in May.
  • Thank you for your prompt payment.
  • If you have already mailed your payment please send our Treasurer an email stating if you would like your check returned or cashed and a $60 refund issued to you. Sorry for the inconvenience, we hope we can still have your support in May in regards to the road repair.

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Current Announcements & Updates

HOAs New Process For Permits 2015

Rental Properties Inspection Program New Oct 2014

Annual Meeting

Dec 2013 Annual meeting date for 2014 has been set for Monday May 5th at 8 pm, location Canton Twp Building lower level

Build New Subdivision

Oct 2013 Larid Farm has been sold, Pulte Homes will build new subdivision. In addition the property will have 2 commercial lots off of Ford Rd. Lazy Boy and a restaurant have submitted plans to the Township for approval.

Voluntary Outdoor Water Use Restriction Program

Property Owner
June 20, 2012
Several months ago Canton Township contacted you regarding our voluntary water use restriction program. The program asks that you irrigate common areas and landscaping between the hours of 12:00mid-night and 6:00am and observe an odd/even watering schedule. Irrigating during these times will help control future water rate increases.

Canton Township receives our water from the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department (DWSD) which computes the rates based upon three factors. The first two factors are the distance and elevation that DWSD needs to pump water to the Township. These two factors do not change each year for Canton. The third factor is water use during peak times, which is the ONLY factor that we can control. We are not requesting anyone to irrigate less, but only to irrigate at a different time. There are no risks posed to your turf grass & plants by irrigating during these early hours of the day. By irrigating at these times, we can potentially affect one of the factors that DWSD uses in calculating our future water rates.

It is likely that this water restriction program could be mandatory in upcoming years, so we are requesting community water customers to help change our water use patterns this year. Your cooperation and help would be greatly appreciated. If you have any questions or concerns about this program, please feel free to contact us at (734)397-1011 or view our Frequently Asked Questions at the following:

Tree Scales / Disease

June 22, 2010
Canton has been made aware that several homeowners have trees that have a scale type parasite on them. We have investigated the problem and according to experts at Michigan State University Calico Scale, Cottony Maple Scale, and Lecanium Scale are infesting Honey Locust and other trees. Aphids are also feeding off the honeydew produced by the scales. Trees that are repeatedly attacked by these pests are sometimes weakened leaving them susceptible to other diseases and pests.
Please find attached information that will help explain the disease. It is recommended, if you have trees that are infected, you contact a tree service for assistance.

Deb Zevalkink
Supervisor's Assistant

Canton Urges Residents to Report Stolen Catch Basin Covers

June 21, 2010, Canton, MI - Canton's Public Works Division is asking residents to be on the look out for any suspicious activities around the storm drains in subdivision streets. Over the past month, Public Works has had over a dozen reports of missing grates on street inlets. Missing grates pose a danger to anyone who hits one in their car, on a bike, or steps into one.

To report a missing grate along a public road please call Wayne County at 888/ROADCREW. To report a missing grate in a private development, with private roads call Canton Public Works at 397-1011. The cost for Canton to replace each cover is $125.

Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP)
4/09 -Canton Township is in the process of receiving $2,182,988 in grant money to participate in the Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP). The funds will be used to:
Buy foreclosed or abandoned homes for resale to low/moderate income families
Make any needed repairs to homes acquired
Offer down payment and closing cost assistance to low/moderate income buyers of homes acquired under the program.

The funds must be distributed to geographic "areas of greatest need" in the community. The areas are determined by the following criteria:
Greatest percentage of home foreclosures
Highest percentage of homes financed by subprime mortgage loan
Identified as likely to face a significant rise in the rate of home foreclosures

The projected start date for the NSP is April 1, 2009. The funds must be obligated for a specific project within 18 months of receipt of the award agreement from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), and all funds must be spent within four years of agreement receipt. Canton must ensure that homebuyers undergo at least eight hours of homebuyer counseling and do not use a subprime mortgage in the purchase. The NSP is authorized by the Title III of Division B of the Housing and Economic Recovery Act, 2009 (HERA). For more information, please contact Jerry Martin at 734/394-5194.

This and other Canton current issues can be found at the Canton Twp Website

Vehicle Break-Ins
3/28/09 -Friday night (3/27/09) there were several vehicles broken into throughout the sub-division. If you know anything about these activities please contact the Canton Police Department. As a reminder, always lock your vehicles and remove valuables. If you notice any suspicious activity do not hesitate to call the police department at (734)394-5400 or 911 if you feel it is an emergency. There has been a special Community Alert posted on the Canton Public Safety website. Click HERE to read the alert.

Summer Event Dates
3/09 -Here's a quick list of dates for 09' summer events:
Annual Membership Meeting May 4th
Subdivision Garage Sale June 4th-6th
Movie in the Park June 12th, July 10th & August 14th
Jazz Fest July 8th
Sub Picnic August 15th
Additional information will be posted on the website shortly.

Ford Road Entrance
2/09 - We have been placed on the "List" to get the Ford Road entrance repaired by Wayne County.- Completed

Park focus group meetings.
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If you sell your home please notify the Association of the new owner

The next Board Meeting is tentatively Thursday, March 14, 2019
Board meetings are held in the conference room at Ameriplus Financial, 45340 Hanford Rd Canton

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