Winners for the Holiday Light Contest

  • »  1st place 43106 Avon
  • »  2nd place 42682 Somerset
  • »  3rd place 42461 Hanford

Winners this year will receive a yard sign to display

2013 Holiday Light Contest Winners

  • »  1st 6015 Wedgewood
  • »  2nd 42411 Somerset Ct
  • »  3rd 5662 Willow Creek

Winners were award Lowe's Gift Cards

Notice to all Willow Homes Association Members

  • May 2013- The minimum requirement of 60% of the resident responding to the Ford Rd Special Assessment was not met at the Annual Meeting on May 6th. Therefore accordingly to the By-Laws another meeting must be scheduled within 60 days and now only 30% is required to respond.  Notice of this new meeting will be mailed out to all residents soon with a 30 days notice of the meeting date, time and location.  Proxies by mail will again be accepted or you may drop off your vote at any Board Members home, who's address can be found in your annual directory.
  • The annual dues statements have been mailed out already, however the Special Assessment for 2013 has been canceled.
  • Please pay the amount on your statement less the $60.00 Special Assessment.
  • The Road Repair will be discussed at the Annual Meeting in May.
  • Thank you for your prompt payment.
  • If you have already mailed your payment please send our Treasurer an email stating if you would like your check returned or cashed and a $60 refund issued to you. Sorry for the inconvenience, we hope we can still have your support in May in regards to the road repair.

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Minutes from Board of Directors Meeting-5/16/07

Robert Smiley (President), Dave Richard (Vice-President), Richard Dreslinski (Secretary), John Anthony (Treasurer), Lois Richard (Board Member), Gunter Esser (Board Member), Jerry Pfile (Board Member), Michele Portelli (Board Member).
Thomas Smyczynski (Board Member)
Association Residents:
Linda Barnett (6123 Willow Creek), Eric Zadorecky (43057 Devon Lane)
Election of Association Officers for the 2007/2008 year:
Bob Smiley, Dave Richard, and John Anthony all agreed to continue to serve in their present responsibilities. There were no challengers for these positions so they will remain in these functions for the coming year.

Richard Dreslinski expressed the desire to step down from the position of Secretary after many years of service in the position, but agreed to remain should no Board Member wish to assume the responsibilities. Michelle Portelli said she would take it, and Jerry Pfile allowed that he would run. A vote for Secretary was then taken with the following results: Michelle Portelli (one vote), Jerry Pfile (six votes), abstaining (one, Jerry Pfile). After this point, minutes were recorded by Jerry Pfile.

Minutes from the last Board meeting were distributed and commentary on same were solicited. As none was forthcoming, the minutes were accepted as written.
Treasurers Report:
  1. Cash on hand as of 5/16/07, $34,489.96.
  2. 37 of 498 Association members have not as yet forwarded their dues that were due 3/15/07. The total of back dues currently outstanding is $4,808.50.
  3. Eight liens have already been filed against those in arrears. The Association attorney advises that at least 2 years expire (a total of $106 due), before it is advisable to file a lien. A total of 9 Association members currently fall within that 2 year window. A motion was made and seconded to have the Association attorney issue a letter to those 9 Association members warning them of the filing of liens if dues were not brought to date. A vote was taken and it was unanimously passed.
Tree Planting:
John Anthony advised that vouchers for tree planting were available through Canton Township. It appears that evergreen trees will be available for $150 with deciduous trees priced at $250. Potential placement sites were discussed, with Hanford along the side walks by the bridge being considered. Dave Richard will investigate the details and report at the meeting of 7/11/07.
Grass Cutting:
John Anthony reminded the Board that the contract for grass cutting would expire this Fall and asked for commentary on current performance of Green Rangers Landscaping along with ideas on other potential bidders.
Annual Directory:
John Anthony noted that with the election of Officers, the annual Association Directory would be submitted to the printers and should be mailed to all Association members within a month. Much discussion then ensued as to the efficacy of the current printed directory.
Some Board members noted that many Association members appeared to disregard it, paying little attention or regard to the information it contains. Board Member Portelli suggested that the current printed Directory be abandoned altogether with the upcoming Association website.
Elimination of the printed Directory prompted discussion on how the Board would discharge its responsibilities of communicating information to all Association members. No motions were made, or decisions reached at this time on the matter.

Association Website:
Association member Eric Zadorecky ( site webmaster) then passed out screen printouts proposed for the new Association website (, scheduled to be up approximately mid-Summer. Discussion on the matter was varied, including how to update the site, whether ads should be accepted or not, and how to let Association members know of its existence. Other than to route all information sourced from the Board through the Secretary to the webmaster, nothing else was decided at the time.
Cottonwood Hollow Park Woods Cleanup:
John Anthony noted that Andrew Tree Service had completed some action regarding improving the condition within the woods of the park along with issuing some recommendations. These entailed thinning the existing standing trees, and removal of dead trees (fallen trunks and limbs). These improvements will entail an expenditure of $800 and was approved unanimously.
Cottonwood Hollow Park Property Intrusions:
John Anthony related the history of activities following the park boundary survey of last Summer when letters to affected owners were sent out.
To date all but three owners had responded positively by complying. The three are:
  1. Meyer (43069 Devon Lane)-Pool removed, but slab(s) now present.
  2. Kadiu (43115 Devon Lane)- Fence along Northern Park entry ( 2.3 ft. East).
  3. Barnett (6123 Willow Creek) -Fence (Up to approximately 5.5 ft. on each of three sides), Driveway extension-(Approximately 3.5 ft. North), Shed-(Approximately 2 ft North).
John further explained that when Association member Kadiu applied for a permit to build his fence, he had requested to build it on the property line, but the Township indicated that a notarized approval with the Association would be required. He later requested to build it one inch back from the property line and was approved. However, he actually built it over park boundaries from 1.3 to 2.3 feet . No response to the letters from the Board has been received from either Kadiu or Meyer to date.

In the Barnett situation, he related that Ms. Barnett had attended previous Board meetings when the situation was discussed, and had offered to absorb any liabilities that may ensue from accidents that may occur due to these incursions.

Much discussion followed. Points were made regarding whether the offer of liability insulation of the Board was actually a viable offer, whether these intrusions were Grandfathered (Since they were notified last year, the 20 year Grandfather clock for all restarted at that time), whether the Board should assist the Barnetts financially or physically in removing the intrusions, and whether the Board could/should sell the affected Park property to the Barnetts. Board member Portelli noted her feeling that the Board would be setting a precedent were they to enforce their removal.

Ms. Barnett indicated during these discussions her feeling that any manner of removal of these items from Park property would be construed by her as using the Barnetts as a scapegoat.

In the midst of these discussions, at approximately 8:25 PM, Board Member Portelli noted that she would have to leave the meeting due to a commitment. At that time she left her proxy for any subsequent votes during the session to Board Member Esser. Discussions continued and Treasurer Anthony again made note of the consequences of exposure to the potential liabilities of the Board as a result of any non-action in these matters.

Discussion then closed and Treasurer Anthony offered a motion to direct the Associations attorney to draft a letter to the three above offenders to remove the Park intrusions or face legal actions to do so.
The motion was seconded by President Smiley and a vote taken with the following results:
For the motion-Anthony, Dreslinski, Smiley, and Pfile.
Against the motion-Richard, Richard, Esser, and Portelli (the latter by Proxy).
A majority of those casting votes not being achieved, the motion was not approved.

Meeting Closed:
The meeting was then closed with the reminder that the annual Association sub-wide garage sale will take place on June 7th, 8th and 9th. Also, that the next Board meeting will take place on July 11th.
Respectfully submitted,
Jerry Pfile
Secretary-Willow Homes Association

If you sell your home please notify the Association of the new owner

The next Board Meeting is tentatively Thursday, March 14, 2019
Board meetings are held in the conference room at Ameriplus Financial, 45340 Hanford Rd Canton

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