Winners for the Holiday Light Contest

  • »  1st place 43106 Avon
  • »  2nd place 42682 Somerset
  • »  3rd place 42461 Hanford

Winners this year will receive a yard sign to display

2013 Holiday Light Contest Winners

  • »  1st 6015 Wedgewood
  • »  2nd 42411 Somerset Ct
  • »  3rd 5662 Willow Creek

Winners were award Lowe's Gift Cards

Notice to all Willow Homes Association Members

  • May 2013- The minimum requirement of 60% of the resident responding to the Ford Rd Special Assessment was not met at the Annual Meeting on May 6th. Therefore accordingly to the By-Laws another meeting must be scheduled within 60 days and now only 30% is required to respond.  Notice of this new meeting will be mailed out to all residents soon with a 30 days notice of the meeting date, time and location.  Proxies by mail will again be accepted or you may drop off your vote at any Board Members home, who's address can be found in your annual directory.
  • The annual dues statements have been mailed out already, however the Special Assessment for 2013 has been canceled.
  • Please pay the amount on your statement less the $60.00 Special Assessment.
  • The Road Repair will be discussed at the Annual Meeting in May.
  • Thank you for your prompt payment.
  • If you have already mailed your payment please send our Treasurer an email stating if you would like your check returned or cashed and a $60 refund issued to you. Sorry for the inconvenience, we hope we can still have your support in May in regards to the road repair.

The web

Realtors and Title Companies please use the link provided below to contact the Treasurer for a status letter, please allow up to 5 business days for your request to be processed.

  • Dues are $50 annually
  • Dues cover a period from January to December.
  • Payment is due January 1st, any payment received after March 1st will be assessed a late fee of 6% ($3.00).
  • Any account that is over due more than 2 years will have a lien of interest placed on the property.
  • When legal action is taken the delinquent homeowner will be charged interest, attorney fees, court costs and the delinquent assessment.

    Please contact the WHA Treasurer for any additional information you may need. Requests made to anyone else via any other method may not be received.

If you sell your home please notify the Association of the new owner

The next Board Meeting is tentatively Wednesday, January 10, 2019
Board meetings are held in the conference room at Ameriplus Financial, 45340 Hanford Rd Canton

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